Dec. 16, 2021

HARRISBURG – Rep. Natalie Mihalek (R-Allegheny/Washington) plans to introduce legislation that calls for a constitutional amendment to privatize Pennsylvania’s state-run liquor system.

“We are one of two states in the entire nation with a government monopoly on the sale of liquor and the only state in the nation to shut down the sale of spirits entirely during the pandemic,” said Mihalek. “The pandemic exposed many flaws in our government and our liquor system was no different. It is time for this Commonwealth to modernize the sale of liquor once and for all.”

In 2016, the General Assembly passed historic legislation to privatize the sale of wine and spirits, but ultimately, it was vetoed by Gov. Tom Wolf. Since then, the House has continued to take steps to improve liquor laws in Pennsylvania.

“Earlier this year, the House Liquor Control Committee passed legislation that I authored that would simply increase the amount of wine allowed to be sold by restaurants, hotels and grocery stores that hold wine expanded permits,” Mihalek continued. “Not only does this improve customer convenience, but its underlying premise is based on a free-market economy and the idea that government should not be dictating to consumers what they can purchase and how.”

Mihalek will introduce this as a constitutional amendment due to the fact that the Democratic Party and the governor who leads it continue to put politics ahead of common-sense policies that are designed to help consumers.

“The best way to move forward on legislation we know matters to our constituents is to allow them to have the final say on it,” Mihalek concluded. “I look forward to bringing our liquor code into the 21st century by ending the government’s control of it.”

Representative Natalie Mihalek
40th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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