Sep. 01, 2020

HARRISBURG – Rep. Natalie Mihalek’s (R-Allegheny/Washington) amendment to House Bill 2022, legislation which would address the problems faced by veterans when they transition from military service to civilian life, unanimously passed the House Veterans Affairs and Emergency Preparedness Committee today.

“My amendment would give more resources to military members when they are discharged from active service,” said Mihalek. “When I was discharged, I was on my own and did not receive much help to best understand how to use the resources available and to stress the importance of employment, community engagement and positive interaction. Change is needed. Our veterans continue to struggle with homelessness, unemployment, mental health, substance use challenges and much more. Every veteran deserves dignity and respect.”

House Bill 2022, sponsored by Rep. Aaron Kaufer (R-Luzerne), would create a veterans’ peer outreach and support network to improve the health and well-being of veterans and their families in communities across the Commonwealth. In addition, the bill would coordinate with network partners that provide programs and services to veterans and their families; conduct outreach seminars, town halls and similar events for participants; and provide information regarding programs, resources and services available to be used by network participants.

“We are grateful to the men and women who have served us proudly, and it’s our duty to support them in their time of need,” said Mihalek.

The bill now goes to the full House for its consideration.

Representative Natalie Mihalek
40th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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